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The traveler loyalty fabric

Pointmark bridges the disconnect between venues and their guests, by creating a world-wide network of certified traveler itineraries and venues on the blockchain. It enables novel business models based on traveler-to-venue matching, starting by a loyalty-from-first-stay alliance for hotels across destinations.


Imagine a world in which hotels are able to know their guests before check-in, tourists are rewarded for their stay (even the first one!) at hotels, and this reward is bigger if they’re gonna love their experience!

Pointmark creates a platform which core capability is establishing “Proof of Stay” of a tourist at a hotel or in a destination. Proof of Stay gives interested actors in the ecosystem a way to certify that a tourist was in a certain position at a certain time.

Pointmark doesn’t need to identify people in order to decide if they’re worth a personalized benefit: it only needs to know their behaviour and sentiment. While behaviour is solved by tracking tourists itineraries with Proof of Stay, for sentiment Pointmark relies on unconscious information provided by fingerprinting users’ photos and color patterns. This is enough to provide business with matching and targeting systems, while maintaining consumer anonymity and control over what they choose to disclose for what purpose.

Affiliate hotel brands and apps

Travelers on platform

Worth of transactions (USD)

Pointmark is not competing with the OTAs: rather, it enables them to get the “small but deep data” about their guests that they don’t have, and hotels to get “big but shallow data” about their potential customers, and other tourism-related apps to read and write data to a common pool without interfering with their business models. It lets hotels do their own marketing and acquire the lead, and then it then qualifies said lead so that customer coming on the website is not an IP address but a <<vegan person traveling mostly in couple, 25-30, who mostly vacations on summers and loves staying at eco-resorts in the Caribbean>>.

While Pointmark offers to consumers and apps the possibility of creating their own business models on the blockchain, it also offers to hotels and venues a B2B, federated “airline alliance-style” cross-sale and loyalty programme, with the possibility of getting rid of “points” if so they choose by utilizing our customer-to-venue matching engine.

By partnering at this deeper level, hotels can exchange named leads with similar venues across destinations, and they can also utilize Proof of Stay at a more granular level, to tackle problems such as hyperlocated marketing on site <<send promotion to users that keep passing by the spa>>, fraudulent refund dispute <<you said you got ill but we saw you at the bar twice a day>> etc.